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App Engine Developer With an Interest for Mobile Apps Needed

Wish to be part of an ambitious team which is changing the way people order and pay in the hospitality sector? - Then you might be the person we are looking for.

Zerved is looking for a highly talented programmer who can further develop our backend and maybe to a lesser degree work on our Android and iPhone apps with the rest of our skillful team.

The Zerved solution enables busy merchants such as Parken, Me Love Sushi (London) and Koncerthuset to receive orders and payment from their guests' smartphones. For the Zerved user this means less queueing, no need to bring credit card and no need to download several different ordering apps.

UK, Denmark and South Africa are currently Zerved's main markets, but this is just the beginning.

We are looking for someone who not necessarily is an expert in all the platforms we use, but is dedicated and passionate about learning new technologies.



The Nordic region are pioneers in mobile payment

Zerved mobile ordering

The global payment industry is constantly evolving to match advances in technology. The Nordic region and specifically Denmark is recognised as being at the forefront of these shifts.



Zerved in the penultimate round of the IBM SmartCamp Award

Zerved App moves into the penultimate round of the European IBM SmartCamp Awards.

On 26 September 2013, the Zerved team will visit Berlin to compete against three other companies in the IBM European SmartCamp Awards. The winner will proceed to the Final round in Vienna.



Danish concert-goers love Zerved

Denmarks largest concert hall just launched Zerved to enable its customers to skip the interval queue.

Guests at Koncerthuset can now simply order and pay for drinks with Zerved on their smartphones before the performance and everything is ready to enjoy when the first half is over.



MasterCard embrace Zerved

"A world beyond cash" - this is the title of an international campaign driven by MasterCard. Zerved features now with a great article on the website, and is the Danish contribution to the campaign.


Zerved wins IBM Mentor Day

Zerved participated, April 9th, in the IBM Mentor Day in CPH, where 6 selected startups got the opportunity to have our businesses accelerated through mentoring with local experts.

After coaching and feedback from industry experts, IBM leaders, and successful entrepreneurs, Zerved App won the title as "Winner of The Day" together with

Zerved offers a mobile order and payment application for a huge market worldwide.

Zerved has already a strong team, understands the customers and have traction to the market.

Through the Global Entrepreneur Program IBM supports entrepreneurs with global ambitions and a desire to create a smarter planet.

The board that chose Zerved consisted of mentors from Vaekstfonden, Accelerace, ConnectDanmark, Vaeksthus Hovedstadsregionen, DTU Business, TM-Innovation and IBM.


Nightlife science expert talks about Zerved

Nightlife is not only fun and laughter. You can also see it from a slightly more scientific point of view, which nightlife expert Morten Henriksen has chosen to do.

Read his thoughts on Zerved here (danish).


Zerved get investments from two English angels + international sales manager

We are pleased to announce that we today have closed two investments from business angels in London.

We would also like to welcome our new global sales manager, Lee Bartlett.

Lee brings over 18 years of experience in developing and taking to market numerous online platforms and has sold extensively across Europe, the US and Asia. He was the highest grossing individual in his industry for some time and his last product grew from $800 to $55m over a four year period. He will shortly release a book on his successes and promises Zerved will be the topic of volume two.

TrendsOnline is the first media to bring these news. Read the article here (danish).


Danish radio: A night out becomes easier

Listen to the interview here (danish):


Great bartendersite talks about Zerved and mobile payment in general

Denmarks largest bartender and drinks site talks about mobile payments and how it changes the way of ordering and getting served.

Read the entire article here (danish).


The great Danish newspaper Politiken talks about Zerved

"Now you can order and pay your Gin & Tonic with thumb" - the newspaper said today in an article about Zerved.

Politiken continues: "With the new service 'Zerved' you do not need to spend time queuing at the bars when you need a drink. On the other hand you miss a chat with the bartender". An interesting angle, which Zerved of course also have thought of.

Read the entire article here (danish).


Zerved partners up with DrinksMeister

The extremely popular drinks and bartender site and partners up with Zerved.

The Zerved bar interface is used by many bartenders. We rely on their honest feedback and ideas for product development.

We are happy to have yet another partner in the hospitality sector.


Denmark's largest tech-site brings the news about Zerved

Denmark's biggest website on Danish technology start-ups brought the news of Zerved today.

Read the article at trendsonline here, about mobile payments with Zerved (danish).


Danish television covers Zerved

Danish television covers Zerved and the tracktion gained so far (danish).


Popular soup bar eliminates the queue

Two Danes saw for the first time a soup bar on a trip to Germany. They loved the concept, and today operates the only Danish, and very popular, soup bar chain called SoupaNatural.

Particularly because of their success the queue at the counter has become a problem for the many hungry lunch guests.

The guys behind SoupaNatural did not hesitate much, when they heard about Zerved - which today enables their many customers to order and pay through their phones - even without leaving the office.

It is good for revenue, but also for the customers - who no longer need to use lunchtime to stand in line.


POS manufacturer Amero Business joins Zerved

We are happy to announce that the POS manufacturer and dealer Amero Business joins Zerved.

Amero Business finds it attractive to offer its customers the opportunity to receive mobile orders and thereby all the benefits that come with this.

By integrating Zerved directly to the POS system, merchants in the hospitally sector no longer needs any extra hardware to open up for mobile ordering and payment.

We look forward to a good cooperation.


Yet another theater offers mobile ordering

Today yet another theater joins the many merchants who have decided to offer mobile ordering and payment through the fast growing platform Zerved.

Betty Nansen Teatret - well placed in Copenhagen, Denmark - has leveled out the pressure on the bar staff, by letting customers pre-order through Zerved.

At the same time theater guests can use the break on enjoying the refreshments rather than stand in line at the bar.

Read more about it here (danish).


Zerved eliminates the queue in theater

Today Norrebro Teater - a reputable danish theater placed in inner Copenhagen - started to offer mobile ordering and payment to the many guests visiting the old teather every week.

The theater management had for some time been considering how they could optimize sales in the bar during breaks.

The fact that all guests where forced to order in the short break ruined it for the guests, who ended up using all the time in the queue. At the same time the personel in bar where stressed.

Today, all guests can pre-order and pay for the refreshments they want for the break through the mobile phone.

Before first act people are engaged to download the Zerved smartphone app. The many guests who decide to use the system will then receive a message just before the break, explaining where they can pick up their items.


"Club of The Year" in Denmark opens up for ordering through the smartphone

One of Denmarks most popular night clubs - The Gym - has chosen to offer Zerved's mobile payment platform to their many weekly guest.

It was an easy choice to make for the management, as they faced a major renovation and change of concept anyways.

As the concept went from trendy to old school, the serving went from manual to digital.