Zerved explained in 2 minutes...


More Buying Customers

Reduce the queue and thereby avoid lost sales due to customers who do not want to wait.

Improved Employee Capacity

No wasted time related to receiving orders and payment.

Optimized Order Management

All orders are coming in at a dedicated tablet - POS-integration can be developed*.

Improved Customer Service

Guests receive their orders faster - while traditional buyers experience a shorter queue.


The solution comprises three parts:
A smartphone app, an order management interface and an admin module.

The Zerved App

This is the only part of the system, that is open to guests.

The smartphone app provides an intuitive way for guests to order and pay for whatever the merchant may want to sell through the platform.

After the first order the app saves the credit card data (safely and behind a personal password) on an external PCI-certified server. This lowers the barrier for future purchases and increases the number of orders.

Through the app, it is also possible to get an overview of pending and completed orders - as well as the ability to send bills by e-mail.

Order Management Interface

This is the 100% web-based interface for managing orders coming in from the guests.

The interface is optimized for viewing on a tablet, making it extremely easy for the staff to processing orders via the touch screen.

The module displays all necessary information in order to produce and process each order.

Money is reserved, withdrawn or refused on the customers credit cards as the orders are being produced, completed or denied.

Info If you have chosen to integrate Zerved into your existing POS system, this interface is optional.

*POS integration can be developed in most cases, depending on the existing POS system.

Admin Backend

This is your control center - where the menu, settings and turnover can be accessed.

In the admin interface you change the menu and bar settings on a day to day basis. It is also here you set up everything about your locations, serving areas and discounts.

This interface is 100% web-based and can thus be accessed from any computer or tablet with internet access.

It is also here that all information about sales, revenues and statistics are available.