Let's try to answer your questions...

Zerved enbales you to receive mobile orders and payments - in other words: allowing customers to self serve themselves.

Once your venue is signed up and configured on Zerved your menu and ticket products are instantly available in the free Zerved smartphone app.

Read more about the system in details here.

Because you can earn more money!

Don't let the physical environment be a bottleneck for sales - let customers self serve themselves. They will not only have a better experience (no queueing, no payment hassle, no wasting of time), but the merchant will experience great advantages too:

  • More buying customers.
  • Improved employee capacity.
  • Optimized order management.
  • Improved customer service (traditionel customers gets faster serving as well).
  • Better understanding of the customers (buying patterns etc).

All this and side effects thereof will result in direct and indirect benefits, more sales and a better business!

Yes - we do support a large range of ethernet POS printers, and can even be integrated directly into your existing POS system.

Read more about POS integration here.

If you provide us with the name of your venue and some other vital information (address, bank account etc.) we can establish your venue on Zerrved within 5 min. - it's that easy!

From there you will have to set up your products and menu via our very easy to use webbased admin interface - and off you go!

We will of course help and assist you if you encounter any problems.

Contact us already now here.

Yes - Zerved is just as secure as using a traditional payment terminal or online purchase.

Our system is accepted and approved by international payment authorities, VISA, MasterCard and our acquirer.

None - you only pay a small negotiated fee based on transactions and volume.

And we always give you a free trial period to show you how Zerved will impact your business. If you don't earn money, we will neither.

Yes - of course. With Zerved you can both receive tips and collect mandatory service charges.

Yes - in your webbased admin interface you can set up which optional features you want to provide for the customers. Either table service, counter service, take-away or a mix of these.

Yes - you can edit your products in our webbased admin interface at any time - even live.

Changes will take affect instantly.

Yes - if you hit a peak period, or just are behind in general, you can always manage customers expectations by showing an editable estimated waiting time directly in the app.

You can even close down for incoming orders for a desired period without affecting already placed orders.

Yes - if you have choosen POS integration Zerved will be deeply integrated into your existing work flow.

If you use our webbased serving interface - or iPad serving app - you will have a very easy-to-use interface. Developed with and tested by staff people (bartenders and waiters) for maximum easyness in a busy working environment.

Yes - by default we support a large range of POS ethernet printers - and it is optional when you want the printers to print. Either when the order is received or when a staff member has acknowledged it.

Yes - you can set up as many venues as you want, and with as many bars on each venue as you want - all without additional charge.

Zerved is a completely free smartphone app that enables you to securely order and pay for beverages, food and tickets directly from you own phone.

This way you avoid standing in line, having payment hassle and wasting your time.

Depending on the venue or event, you can choose between table service, counter service, takeaway and/or pre-order.

No - absolutely not!

Zerved is the only app on the market allowing you to order and securely pay without giving any personal information what so ever.

No registration, no sign up, no nothing. Carry through your first order within 20 seconds from download - it's that easy and fast!

Yes - Zerved is totally free to download for endusers.

Look at Zerved as an advanced webshop - it costs nothing to visit a webshop, it is first when you actually order something, you credit or debit card will be charged. And never without you confirming the order.

Yes - Zerved is just as secure as using a traditional payment terminal or online purchase.

Our system is accepted and approved by international payment authorities, VISA, MasterCard and our acquirer.

When you open the app a list of venues is presented with the nearest on top. From there you can browser the different venues menu cards and tickets.

If a venue is open for orders you can place items in your cart - order and securely pay for it with debit or credit card - exactly as on a regular webshop (just without providing any personal information!).

The app offers you to remember your payment details for later use - safely stored on an external PCI-certified server behind a PIN of your choice.

When your order is accepted, you will receive a push notification telling you what to do (go to collection point or waiter will come down).

The app will also show you a list of pending and closed orders, and give you the opportunity to send receipts to yourself per email and add/remove debit and credit cards.

If you choose to save your credit or debit card details behind a PIN of your choice for future ordering all data will be saved on an external PCI-certified served.

Neither the phone itself nor Zerveds servers knows anything to your card details, and all data between the device and the payment servers are encrypted to industrial standards.

It is virtually impossible for anybody else than you and the payment processors to see your card information. That we call security!

You can always delete your card from the PCI-certified server directly from within the app.

Yes, you sure can.

Venues can sell whatever they want in their digital menu card. And more and more merchants are choosing to place special offers that can only be purchased through Zerved.

Simply download the app and open it. Then it will load near by venues.

Yes - either email us at sales@zervedapp.com or simply use the recommend feature in the Zerved app.

Yes - if the venue has not started processing your order, you can always hit the cancel-button on your receipt in the Zerved app.

Your money will be refunded automatically.

As any other app contacting a server on the internet it relies on a good connection.

If you are in a busy area with many users on the local wifi-connection or many users on the 3G phone network it may seem a little slow to use Zerved.

Please be patient in such cases.

You will still have offline access to all your receipts in the app - still making it possible to go and collect what you have ordered.

New orders can not be carried through though, as it requires data connection.

Do you still have questions?

Feel free to contact us.