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Order directly from your smartphone and be alerted when ready.

How it Works


The app detects your location and shows the relevant menu.


You pay by credit card, which the app saves on a secure server for later use.

Get Zerved

Be served or pickup your order at the bar.

Skip The Queue

No more standing in line or waiting for the waiter/bartender. Your order directly on your phone without leaving your seat.

You can also buy VIP entrance and tickets through the app.

No Payment Hassle

You pay through the app by using your credit card.

Protected by a PIN of your choice the app saves your card information on a PCI-certified server - making future ordering secure and hassle free.

You never have to worry about losing your card or wallet again.

Don't Waste Your Time

Do not miss out on anything.

You choose between table service or pick-up (self service) at the bar's "quick lane".

You receive a message when the order is ready.

Download Zerved

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